Exotic Car Hacks Review (Updated): Is Pejman Ghadimi The One To Listen To About Exotics?

Pejman Ghadimi says he’ll show you exactly what he does to buy his dream cars, make money driving them, or at very least break even. You won’t have to worry about any of the other costs associated like maintenance, taxes, or even insurance. The biggest claim here is that he says you don’t need to be rich with good credit either. Alright, I just don’t know if I believe all that. Scroll down for my full Exotic Car Hacks review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Despite what the marketing might lead you to believe, Exotic Car Hacks is not about buying that used Lambo and renting it out on Turo, wrapping your car for a huge advertising discount, or driving for Uber. You literally are just buying whatever your dream car is, driving it for a little bit, then selling it at a profit, maybe break even, or maybe lose a tad of money. But hey.

But how is that even possible? A short background on Pejman will give you the answer. He used to work as a banker, so he understands money a lot. Then he moved onto VIP Motoring…where he learned all about the car business. Combine those two backgrounds and you have a recipe for flipping high end vehicles all the time.

Of course, the timing of all this is convenient since they are producing more exotics than they ever have before. And with that means you’ll be able to find better and better deals. Modern exotics have come quite a ways as far as reliability is concerned, and there are always better financing options. PJ has sold hundreds of these himself with almost never taking a financial lost. His Exotic Car Hacks Facebook group is proof of that.

I mean hey, I’ve gotta say…I like the idea of the every day average joe being able to drive around in the Tony Stark R8 every day…maybe even making a little money too. Unfortunately, the average person doesn’t know what PJ does. So they wind up buying that Toyota Prius that they’ll lose money on instead of the used 285k Lambo.

If you follow the approach correctly, Exotic Car Hacks will show you how to turn your dream car from liability, to asset real quick. You’re simply car hacking. No big down payments, no sky-high credit, no $2,000 insurance payments, and no 7 figure net worth required.

Pejman Ghadimi Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Inside the Exotic Car Hacks course you’ll get all the informative videos you need plus checklists, cheatsheets, and a private Facebook group. Within just 90 days you’ll know everything you need to know about hacking your way to an exotic. He’ll show you exactly how to find them, how to buy them, how to save on insurance, and basic maintenance. And the biggest part, how to sell them and not lose money.

The downside? Well you’re never able to buy new and while you can sell at a profit, it is fairly unlikely and takes a lot of time. And sure, while it my be your dream car, it might not have all the features, colors, and performance you want. Maybe you wanted the twin turbo model and have to settle for the pink V8, maybe it has a cracked windshield, or a scratch. You know what I’m trying to say, it’ll be cool…but far from perfect.

Exotic Car Hacks costs $997. Not bad at all I’d say. Plus if you think it’s bad for whatever reason, you have 14 days to request a full refund, but I doubt you’ll need one. Pejman Ghadini does practice what he preaches, he has tons of testimonials. And hey, even if you just manage to break even…you still get to say you’ve owned a super car…take the W.

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