Sebastian Ghiorghiu Net Worth Review (Updated): Is He The Real Deal?

Over just a 3-ish years Sebastian Ghiorghiu was able to take 100k and turn it into 6.5M. And sure, that might not all sit in his account as liquid cash, but that’s all his assets combined value…or his net worth. His claim to fame was being able to build a dropshipping store that was earning over 10k per day. When that became as passive as it did, he took a break from YouTube. He was tired of all the pressure and lack of privacy. He just wanted some peace and quiet.

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“I wanted to be by myself and work on really growing my net worth, and that’s what I did,” Sebastian says. “After that dropshipping brand stopped working, I actually bought a house. And this was the first time I ever got into real estate. So I bought this house for three hundred and nine thousand dollars in Scottsdale. Ended up renovating it with my brother and some other people. Three months later we sold it for four hundred and fifteen thousand dollars. And so we made a really good profit with that.”

He made a wise decision and took all that money and placed it into land. Literally just dirt, desert, and cactus. He decided to buy that land because he saw that high-end homes were getting built nearby, he knew it was only a matter of time. He started grabbing the permits he needed for that first house build and in the meantime, started his own digital ads agency called “Digital Wealth MB”.

He started by running google ads for his clients and branched into other sects of marketing like email, text, and consulting. “And the best part about all of it is, you don’t pay my team, my agency, unless you get profitable results,” Sebastian says. “So that puts us ahead of ninety-nine percent of agencies right there. We already beat them in that regard.”Alright, but still. All that still doesn’t seem like it’d add up to 6.5 million buckaroos. What else does he have his hands in?

sebastian ghiorghiu review

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It seems as though he’s just been business building the house and scaling the agency. He started trading crypto and all the other coins that come along with that. He dropped $60,000 just to get into it, and later turned it into 400k. But he didn’t try to make it into something it wasn’t. He admits it’s basically gambling. He eventually lost 40k and slowed down for a bit. But he’s still net positive overall.

Sebastian bets that his house is probably worth about two and a half million and that his agency is worth about 2 million, add the crypto and you’re looking at 5 million. After that, he’s got cash and some other little things that add up to his 6.5 million net worth. He wants you to know though that he didn’t have a lot to start out with. He just scrapped a little bit of money together for that first house and kept leveling up from there.

“So I would say, final takeaway, this isn’t really about saving your money or pinching your pennies. I think that I’m learning that building wealth is more about buying assets and investing and watching your money grow, making your money work for you; instead of you working for your money. And that’s really what I’ve been able to do and why the net worth has like exponentially exploded. So if I were to leave you guys with one thing, it’s make sure you’re buying assets, you’re buying cash flow, and you’re investing in companies, real estate, whatever it is.”

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