The Real System Review – Jorge Contreras (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

Jorge Contreras claims that if you listen to what he says, you’ll be able to build an AirBnB empire without having to own a single piece of real estate to make it happen. Imagine creating dope experiences for strangers in a strangers house and getting paid for it. Believe it or not, it is entirely legal. You get permission in writing from the landlord. Basically it’s called AirBnb subleasing. But what are the steps, how much can you make at this line of work? Can you even trust Jorge in the first place? What’s he selling? How much will it cost ya? We’ll find out together. Scroll down for The Real System Review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

You could potentially make passive income on AirBnB in 30 days or less. No owning real estate property, no furniture to buy, no trading hours for dollars. You can run the whole thing from your phone and put people and systems in place to keep things hands free on your end. It’ll do something for your last name and your legacy rather than your boss’s. You could even pass it on to your kids if you wanted.

Jorge Contreras is definitely going for the hard sell here. So why is he even qualified to mentor you in the first place. Well his claim to fame is that he used to be a student at the Rich Dad Poor Dad education company. After he became successful, they hired him, flew him across the country to speak at their real estate investing program here and there and he got paid well for it. After a while though, these events started becoming exclusive…only people with tens of thousands of dollars could make it in. Jorge wanted this info to be available to the average real estate investor.

By age 29 he broke free of the rat race and BAM The Real System was born. His personal income surpassed his living expenses and he was quite literally making money in his sleep. After repeating the process a few times, he was a millionaire by age 30. Sure, that’s all fine and dandy for Jorge, but how does that help you earn a buck with The Real System.

Jorge Contreras Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

The first way you can make money online with airbnb is through subleasing. You rent a property out from the owner and list it on Airbnb. Next is through co-hosting. This is where you’re the manager of other peoples airbnbs and take a small percentage (I kinda like that better). It’s basically a no out money out of pocket strategy. Of course, you could always list your own properties and make money that way, but most don’t have the capital or credit to do that.

The Real System is a 90 day intensive coaching program. The real estate guru walks you through the whole process step by step inside the training and gives you access to a free private facebook group as a bonus. You’ll get access to his coaches and Jorge himself on a live stream once per week. He gives you a bunch of scripts, templates, and SOPs. Like all the other making money online gurus, he doesn’t list his price publicly, but he does say it’ll be cheaper than doing it all yourself. I guess that might be true. Mean, but true.

Ultimately it’s an interesting model. I don’t have any reason to assume Jorge is shady based on what I’ve been able to dig up. But your room for error is pretty freakin’ small. Wouldn’t you agree? I mean you’ll have to find the right houses in the right locations to really have this work, plus the homeowners are gonna have to be cool with you using their place as an AirBnB. Not to mention they might just respond with “Wait a minute, why wouldn’t I just do this myself if it’s more lucrative?” but who knows. Maybe they really wouldn’t wanna deal with it. I’m just trying to think of the downsides he purposefully didn’t mention.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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