Lebron At Ad Review – Chance and Abdul (Updated): The War on Your Wallet!

Abdul Farooqi claims that he has the secrete sauce to making celebrity money without being a celebrity. In one of his latest YouTube ads he points to LeBron James. He says that although most people think he makes the big bucks through basketball, he actually doesn’t. Instead he uses a simple and unique method that everyone, including you, can use. T swifty uses it, Kanye, the Kardashians…the list goes on. And basically, as long as you have a camera or smart phone…you can do the same. Keep reading to learn about what it is.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Abdul calls it “attention to monetization” or the ATM Method for short. Let’s get back to LeBron. He captures his attention through his skills in basketball. And sure, basketball does pay him well, but where he really makes the money is through advertising. Does Nike sound familiar? He not only has Nike, but a bunch of other companies as well. Beats, Walmart, GMC, tons of others too. But remember, they focus on attention first, monetization second.

So how about the Kardashians? Although they’re spoiled rich brats, there’s no denying they do this well too. Lots of people watch their reality tv show. After that, they’re buying makeup and other girly crap from Kylie and Kim. Chance and Abdul have looked to the Kardashians as inspiration for years. They make these little ads on Facebook and YouTube, just like the one I’m reviewing, to capture attention and then monetize it by selling leads to business owners.

This exact method turns into passive monthly income for Abdul and Chance. And because they have everything templated out, it only takes them a few minutes to onboard new clients. As soon as they hit publish on those ads, they stay live and generate customers for a lonnngggg time. That’s pretty much the bread and butter of their Modern Millionaires program: turn all that attention into money while you go out and live your best life.

Abdul and Chance Modern Millionaires

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

“All the while, these business owners happily pay us month after month,” emphasizes Abdul. “When you click the link in this ad, my business partner Chance and I will show you how the ATM business model works. Right from our laptops. I’ll show you the exact methods that made us millionaires within three years. And how you can copy this model and follow in our footsteps.”

To make it more realistic for you, Abdul pulls up his Stripe account and shows that one business owner has been sending him $9,450 every 30 days for almost 5 years now. For him, just having that single client is worth just over 6 figs a year in personal income. Damn. But you’re in luck, it’s not just Abdul and Chance that are succeeding with the ATM method. Dozens of their students are too. People like Nancy and Jed. They live in the middle of pretty nowhere and make over 17k per month from this ATM Method.

Even Olympians like Tyler have been able to build this up to 27k per month without missing a single bit of training. Abdul says the dude had no prior experience. This ATM Method is just apparently “that” powerful. He believes it’s the key, your key, to mostly passive income from your own home. Personally, I can’t say that he’s exactly wrong. We do the same thing, except we focus on free Google traffic. If you’re interested, click the link below.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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