Business Lending Blueprint Review – Oz Konar (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

Oguz “Oz” Konar plans to teach you how to grow your very own lucrative, recession, and pandemic proof online business by helping small business owners get the funding they need. He says you can do this with “zero” money, no business loan broker industry experience, or expertise. But is it all that simple? Is he trustworthy? What are some of the downsides? Scroll down for my Business Lending Blueprint review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

If you’ve ever clicked on one of Oz’s ads to sign up for his “free” training, you’ll be sent to his Local Marketing Stars website. In the training, it promises to show you a path where you could earn $15-20k per month as a business loan broker in just 2 months time. Even if you’ve never been in business before. That’s a tall order…can Oz back it up?

To try and establish his credibility early, he immediately shows you his Forbes article. Look, don’t let that fool you, it’s common knowledge now that gurus pay for those puff pieces and Forbes is ok with selling out. After that he shows you a couple pics to try and prove he isn’t a fake guru. And while I don’t think he’s fake…he seems oddly insecure having to prove all this. To date, he’s spoken on stages, held masterminds, and of course…coaches. Oz Konar has a relatively small team of VA’s (virtual assistants) that he works with. The Business Lending Blueprint course has about 1700 active members and he appears to have lots of screenshots of their success.

Oz Konar Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Ok, so let’s talk about the business model. Why lending? Well, Oz explains how most small businesses that you often patron can’t ever get enough money and often need loans to operate. They try going to banks, but the banks turn them down or give them less than they need. Not to mention all the paperwork and headaches that come with it. This is where alternative lending (aka creative) comes into play. Demand for something like this is going through the roof and Oz claims you can get anyone approved regardless of credit score (sounds like 2008 waiting to happen). People can then have their money in just 24-48hrs and you’ll get anywhere from $1500-$5000 per deal.

And what are the steps? Glad you asked. Step one: Find businesses that need money. Step two: Qualify them based on their age in business, credit score, and revenue. Step three: get offers from a variety of lenders and help them pick the best one. And according to Oz, that’s all you need to do, once they’re funded, you’ll get a commission check in just a few days. From there just do it over and over again the same way. Honestly, I know gurus have a habit of oversimplifying things…but this feels like a new level of oversimplification. I know you have to buy his program to fill in the gaps, but damn, a bit more than a 40,000 foot view would be nice.

What’s inside the Business Lending Blueprint? You’ll get access to six video modules and weekly meetings with a 1 on 1 coach plus access to Oz’s collateral, contracts, scripts, and preferred lenders. He gives you everything he can to make sure you’ll earn 5-6-or even 7 figures as a business funder. So what’s the Business Lending Blueprint cost? Unfortunately like all the other gurus, you’ll need to book a call with a “coach” to find out. But at least he says there’s a 30 day money back guarantee IF you prove to him you tried to implement everything he taught.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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