Funding CEO Academy Reviews (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

Leo Kanell was basically a bum dad who turned into a business funding specialist that earns millions each year. “Over the last two years this profession has been deemed more essential than ever,” he says. “And those of us who belong to it call it recession-proof. Yes, it’s the business funding space. I’ve helped hundreds of others build their own business funding empire and I can help you do the same.” Scroll down for my full Funding CEO Academy review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

“This system combined with my business funding marketplace is creating financial independence in the new economy at a rapid pace,” Leo continues. “Would you like to be a part of it? Maybe create a six figure side hustle? Or just create extra money for your family? Since 2015 I’ve made over $16 million dollars in the business funding profession. My teams and I have been fortunate to secure hundreds of millions in business funding for thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners across the country.”

Leo’s funding portal is being used every single day by his over 3,000 members. He’s helping them earn a great living. People just like you. However, he’s super up front compared to other gurus and just flat out says most people won’t see results with his system because they just don’t put in the work. Hmmm is that really true or is just trying to get out ahead of something else? I can’t say for sure, but at least some people have earned commission checks from his teachings.

“They literally log into the training once and then they email my team and I get a question or two that’s answered in the very first training video because they think success is a one-time event,” Leo laughs. “Instead of a process. If you wanna create an extraordinary life, shouldn’t extraordinary effort be required? You have to make a real commitment, create real change in your life. Not only must you work hard, but you need to live by values and principles by doing what you say you’ll do. That’s how you break into the top ten percent of businesses.”

Leo Kanell Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

So look, if you think you have what it takes, and you don’t think you’re most people, Leo wants to go ahead and help you out. He pushes you to join his Funding Partner Accelerator course. You don’t need any crazy skill sets, not tech back ground or anything like that, just hard work ethic. You’ll get access to 6 modules, some done-for-you marketing materials, case studies, and a few other bonuses.

Leo tries to dress it up all fancy like its a crazy deal of course, noting that Funding Partner Accelerator is valued at $197, but if you buy before the cringey count down timer hits 0, you’ll get it for $37. This reminds me a lot about the slimy tactics guys like Jeff Lerner use. Unfortunately this is still classic guru behavior and it pisses me off ladies and gentlemen. I’d also bet the barn on the fact this is nothing more than him getting you into his ascension funnel (fancy word for upsell). From here, it’s only gonna get more and more expensive from that initial $37.

And let’s be real, none of the business funding guru’s ever address the big question…what happens if the businesses don’t get funded in the end? You would have done all the grinding and phone dialing for nothing. I might be wrong, but if these people can’t get traditional loans, it seems as though this will be just as tough. It’s just I think the pitch of “get paid to just hand out money” is a bit oversimplified. Plus you’ll also be competing against his 3,000 other students bare minimum.

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