MCA Work From Home Reviews (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

The MCA Consultant guru Oguz “Oz” Konar is infamous for his Business Lending Blueprint course. It teaches you how to start your own creative lending business using OPM (other peoples money). I did some digging on this guy to see if the investment in the BLB Masterclass is worth it. I wanted to see what some current and past students thought of it. A guy named Joel Carbajal that I found actually joined because he likes how Oz focuses on the overdelivery to people trying to get loans, and actually caring about the customer. Something he apparently didn’t find in a lot of other lending biz opps.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Joel had a 50% success rate. Out of the 4 funding applications he sent out for his clients. 2 got approved. And he managed to pocket about $21,000 between the two deals. Here’s the kicker, it took less than 2 months for both deals. He can’t wait to keep building his pipeline and earning bigger commissions. “I’m happy with that,” he says. “I know I could’ve done better, if I had more time, but it’s just a good feeling helping other business owners. Especially now, especially through these tough times.”

Another lady named Lina claims she’s doing 30-40k per month due to Oz Konar’s Business Lending Blueprint. She likes the fact Oz teaches you how to create your own brand and establish credibility. When you do that, your marketing and ads conversions go up exponentially. “I went from barely getting any deals, maybe one or two a month, to now getting five, six, seven deals a month,” Lina says.

Abraham and Sergio are two other guys who gave Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) a shot. When asked about the program they said: “We definitely recommend people buy MCA. It teaches you a lot about not only merchant cash advances but a whole alternative lending industry. The way Oz does his lessons, it’s very straightforward, very easy to execute on. And yeah, we’ve definitely seen an increase in commissions and overall client satisfaction since joining the Blueprint.”

Oz Konar MCA Consultant

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Daniel posted in the Business Lending Blueprint private Facebook group, “Great way to finish up a busy week with a partner payout notice! This puts me at almost 10k in commissions for the week between equipment, credit repair, credit monitoring, and a line of credit I got funded. If you put the work in, results will come!!” A few days after that, Nathaniel wrote, “Yes, I just got my first loan approval for 45k! This is pretty awesome!” And there’s a bunch more where that came from.

Of course, not everyone has good things to say, a lady named Alena was pretty pissed off. “Just a loss of money. The promises and descriptions are very misleading. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.” Another anonymous customer complained about Oz raising the price of his program. Overall, it seems as though Oz has done a good job branding himself and making sure that his MCA and BLB clients are happy. I don’t really see any big red flags to point out.

But the question you gotta ask yourself is “Do you think the Business Lending Blueprint will work for you?”. Of course Oz would say yes, he’s trying to get sales remember? But there again, he’s been doing this model himself for years now, maybe I’m missing something. Oz says that if you follow his steps to the T, there’s no way you fail…can’t argue with the expert I guess. However, if you’re still not sold, maybe it was fate that wanted you to check this out instead.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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