10 Day Cleaning Company Review (Updated): Is Cristobal Mondragon Legit?

So you’re looking at getting started with a cleaning company huh? Well Cristobal Mondragon things it’s be a wise idea to take his 10 day cleaning company course alongside his business partner Dalton Ousley. Why you might ask? Well he thinks it’d do you a lot better of a service instead of trying to piecemeal things together by yourself on YouTube. So is his stuff up to snuff? Find out in my full 10 day cleaning company review…

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Apparently they’ve set the program up in a way for you to learn 10 years worth of knowledge in 10 days. That’s a pretty wild claim to say the least, but I digress. The course does have quite a bit of content and it really brings the value by not having hours and hours of fluffy content that leaves you with more questions and theories, than answers.

They’ve spent a whole bunch of time throughout the years trying different softwares and strategies separating what works and what doesn’t. Everything they present, you can rest assured they’ve proven it to themselves first.

So what do you get in the program?

  • Day 1: History of cleaning and why people pay for it
  • Day 2: How to pick your name and avoid legal troubles + credit building
  • Day 3: Setting up software and automation
  • Day 4: How to setup and optimize your online presence + logo acquisition
  • Day 5: How to find good cleaners to hire
  • Day 6: How to onboard and pay these guys well to stay long term
  • Day 7: How to generate both free and paid leads
  • Day 8: How to create great offers, sales scripts, and closing secrets
  • Day 9: How to fill key roles for your internal team
  • Day 10: How to setup systems and standard operating procedures during your absence
Cristobal Mondragon Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

In the program you’ll receive a whole helluva lot of documents, scripts, notes, and anything else they’ve deemed worthy to give you a leg up and a really fast start. Things like:

  • Job posting templates
  • Legal agreements for your protection from bad cleaners and customers
  • Onboarding forms and documentation
  • Optimization guides
  • And a crap ton more…

Personally, for $997 I really don’t think it’s that bad of an offer. I will say that they provide a whole lotta value for such a small price. I guess my main issue is just the business model. Cleaning? I mean I can think of a lot less labor intensive business models. Models with a lot less physical stress too. You should click one of my links to check out what I’d do instead.

Overall though they’ve got great reviews. One girl had this to say “He’s rare as a person. Such a humble human being. So helpful. So willing and so open and so honest. I thought I was doing okay, but literally after I bought the course, our business doubled then tripled. It just grew because he has such a simple way of explaining things. If you stick to it and follow the process, you’ll be able to get results. There is so much value in that class. The only way you wouldn’t get your desired result is if you don’t do anything”.

So yeah, when it comes to social proof…they have a good reputation. I’m just not overly fond of the model, I think it’s a little slow and just not the most efficient. But if you’re dead set on cleaning, you can’t go wrong here!

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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