Blake Nubar Reviews (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

Blake Nubar is one of the few people to achieve Clickfunnels Two Comma Club Award. This award means he’s generated over a million dollars worth of sales through the Clickfunnels platform. Throughout the years he’s worked on projects with some of the Shark Tank guys, and today brings home some serious income. That’s pretty solid for a guy who was just making 8 bucks an hour a few years ago. You may have even seen an ad or two of his where he flaunts his ability to make $537 per day using his little known Facebook strategy…

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

From the looks of it, he’s got some crazy high converting sales funnel that’s profitable in just about any niche. And as you can guess, the guru says this can all be done with no audience, no product, and no computer skills. You can start right now. The Blake Nubar Partner Program costs $997 or two payments of $597. But what do you actually get? What’s the upside and what’s the downside? Can you trust this internet marketing guru?

Let’s get down to brass tax. He just teaches you how to generate paid leads on Facebook. In the mean time if you don’t have anything to sell anyone, you can just use his funnel and his products to earn a commission. That’s the “partner” part of the program. Upside? Well he is one of the best in the game, he’s proven that he can convert (just like he’s got you researching him here), and you can actually make money without selling your own product or serving customers.

Downsides? Well personally, I just don’t like the “buy my course to then be able to sell my course” types of offers. It’s kind of like an MLM or paying for your own sales job where the upside is for him only. You could lose money and he won’t feel the hurt. Now while it’s true no one is forcing you to promote Blake’s Partner Program, I’d wager that a bunch of members are doing exactly that since they don’t have other affiliate partnerships. I’m pretty confident in that wager too since most of the other reviews out there on Google and YouTube have affiliate links back to his funnel.

Blake Nubar Scam

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

The other thing I don’t like is that it’s all pretty disorganized. Here’s what’s included: Funnel Launch Masterclass, automated sales funnel, done-for-you digital products, fifteen profit-boosting emails, Facebook ads arbitrage, personal accountability calls, daily high performance coaching, complimentary business setup, private partners Facebook group, list of two thousand niches, ten funnel design themes, thirty-four viral post templates, fifty-one Facebook profile designs, Laptop CEO t-shirt, and more.

It’s just a whole bunch of more stuff he’s tryin’ to sell ya’ on. You’re gonna log in to the training and have the knee jerk reaction of “Whoa, where do I even start?”. And hey, maybe I’m being overly critical, it could just be a really comprehensive package. Here’s something else to consider though…If you and thousands of others are going through targeted facebook groups sending the same copy and paste messages to thousands of other people, isn’t there a chance that A: it’s gonna get saturated/already is or B: you’re gonna piss off a lotta people and get kicked from said Facebook groups?

Now sure, you could just turn to FB ads at that point, but truthfully, those don’t work too well anymore. Isn’t Facebook going all metaverse now anyway? How is that gonna impact Blake’s systems for you? To be frank, I’d rather not build a business off of another platform that could suspend me at a moments notice and make my money and clients money disappear overnight. Plus I want less competition, higher sales, and passive income. If you like the sound of something like that, check out my solution.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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