Freedom Practice Coaching Reviews (Updated): Is Dr. Charles Webb Legit?

Charles Webb says that in the last 3 years, 25% of all practices have shut down. Are you gonna be next? Or are you gonna design a Freedom Practice that will get you the wealth and time you’re after, all while making a huge difference in your patients lives?

Charles and Mindi (his wife), claim to have helped over 800 other doctors do exactly that over the course of the last 11 years. When you break that down, that’s helping roughly 6 doctors per month…that seems pretty realistic to me…

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It’s no secret that to be a doctor, you have to be an extremely success oriented individual. The issue that most doctors have though is that they don’t really put themselves out there to start their own practice, and if they do, they don’t really know how to run it efficiently.

Sometimes they’re simply just stuck in it and are unaware of how they can actually break free.

Everything is worse these days. More and more patients are becoming sick, and more and more doctors are becoming stressed out and overworked, with very little time to decompress and reset so they can continue being mentally sharp.

Let’s be real, the only real winners in this system are the insurance and pharma companies.

And thankfully, Charles believes you have the power to change all that…for yourself anyway.

Enter Mindi. She says that you’ve gotta go back to the drawing board. Create your vision. What does your ideal practice look like? How much money is it bringing in. What days are you in the office? What days are you out? Workouts, date night, vacation for one week every other month, that kinda thing.

It’s your dream, make it what you want.

But now remember this: every time you do something, ask yourself “is this supporting my dream practice?”

After that is your need to develop a growth mindset. Think in a way that makes you more productive. After all, you can only grow as far as you can push yourself.

The next thing you wanna do is become THE DOCTOR. Not just some random one your patient comes to you for just because you happen to be covered under their insurance…In other words, you wanna be someones first choice.

Are Charles And Mindi Legit

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Next, create an image of your ideal patient. What types of qualities do they have? One thing they probably won’t have is that ability to cry over a little $30 copay. You should want patients who want to live healthier lives and not just ask for prescriptions over every little thing.

Something else you should consider is restructuring your pricing. Instead of charging for a service, charge the value they are going to get out of said service. In other words, sell the sizzle and not the steak.

And don’t forget, environment and frame is important as well. When you’re doing these consultations you should be completely honest and set expectations up front. If they need to “think about it” afterwards, you’re probably doing something wrong. Going with you should be a no brainer.

After you’ve got that all squared away, you need to find your freedom practice team. Start building out your own squad of people that have the same visions and goals as you. Don’t forget to lead by example and show extreme ownership. Always show up and always do what you say you’re gonna do.

Lastly, create some KPI’s. Key performance indicators will help give you the data you need about each person to see if they are a good fit for your team still moving forward. Charles and Mindi actually have a software you can use for that to help speed things up.

There ya go, a short and sweet breakdown of what you’ll be offered in Freedom Practice coaching.

When it comes to price, you’ll have to take a consultation call. And given that it’s in the medical arena, I’d wager it’s going to be north of $10k to join. If you can swing it though, I’m sure they’ll fulfill their end of the bargain.

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