Scaling With System Review – Ravi Abuvala (Updated): The War On Your Wallet

Ravi is said to make a little north of $500k in revenue each month. Half of that goes straight to his pocket. We see his journey in the guru space first start around 2018 when he launched his first agency. After having built that up to a 7 figure “valuation”, he decided to throw his hat in the guru space. Scaling With Systems was born to teach others what he learned along the way. Is he a scam? What’s the price? Let’s dive in. Scroll down for my review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Ravi says your first priority should be getting a solid case study under your belt. Something to basically prove your worth as a coach since you got someone to their desire. Then, it scales. You just package it up, put it on a simple page, and drive as much traffic to it as your little heart desires. Then it’s all passive. The case study does all the telling and selling and you just get to go on living your life or work on other things in your biz.

Ravi then says you should look into getting some VA’s (virtual assistants) to do all the outbound messaging for your service. Don’t be afraid to drop the price either. You’re just looking for a proof of concept at this point. “Will someone else pay for this?” Only after you have a buyer do you build the fulfillment process out. Make it easy on the both of ya’ and you better hope it delivers what you promised. If it doesn’t, just refine it. If it does, collect that case study and move on.

How do you get those eyeballs to the case study though? Ravi likes to send out a bunch of emails to everyone on his list (ew spammy guru red flag), I assume he’ll teach you how to do this inside Scaling with Systems and they’ll click through the case study page. After that he just retargets all the traffic inevitably driving back to any one of his assets (YouTube, sales page, or case study) so that the prospects desire to work with you is increased.

Ravi Abuvala Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

If all that works out for ya, the end result should be them filling out an app and booking a call with ya. Your inbound closer will do their thing and the BAM, they’re a client. Then all you gotta do is run the marketing even harder, enroll more people, and repeat over and over again. Scaling With Systems members will also get access to trained VA’s who can handle a lot of the lead generations aspects that suck like lead qualifying. In some cases they may even close them for ya (but you’ll probably have to pay extra)

Ravi Abuvala doesn’t tell you the full price, as you’d expect from a guru, but he does at least tell ya that it’s gonna be somewhere around “five figures”. Some other reviewers out there believe the cost to be about $12,000. But if that’s not a deal breaker for ya and you can get over the annoying little guru bits, then go ahead and book your call, get sold, and get busy. In as little as 2 or 3 weeks after starting with SWS you should have your first offer and message dialed in with a VA getting you at least 5 calls a day. A few weeks after that, Ravi says your sales funnel should be working, ads will be up, and you’ll get over 10 call per day. By month 3 his goal is for you to be completely hands free of day to day opps and focusing only on growth and reinvesting your profits.

So if that all sounds great to you and you wanna get your business to 100k, 200k, or even 500k per month…Ravi says you guys “should talk”. That part. That part right there is what pissed me off. Even if he has a couple people doing those numbers in his program…he really shouldn’t be implying that those numbers are a sure thing the way I think he’s implying it. Even if Scaling With Systems is the most perfect program since sliced bread, there’s no way the average student is pullin’ in those numbers. The rest of his pitch is fine though, no beef, good offer, just expensive.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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