Top Tier TC Review (Molly Tennant): Is Molly Tennat legit?


Molly Tennant is a self-proclaimed transaction coordinator. At least, that’s what she says. It wouldn’t be wrong to say Pace Morby is now using her like many other employees as his puppets to sell you courses. Yes, you heard it right. He is generously tossing her a six-figure income for managing his real estate deals. She does that from her home with a very flexible schedule.

Here comes the ultimate plot twist. Currently, Molly and Pace are offering a well-presented version of the luxurious life of a transaction coordinator for a one-time fee of $997. But the upsell will cost you $2,497 if you want the other perks.

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Molly claims you do not need to sit for a real estate license or even purchase a single property. All you gotta do is become a business operations manager for a successful investor in the market. This way, you can earn up to six figures remotely in a highly specific section of the real estate industry.

While on Pace’s team, she’s been a driving force in sealing over $250 million worth of real estate deals.

Feeling unsure if you’ve got what it takes? Molly breaks it down: To be a top-notch transaction coordinator, you just need four key traits.

First, you need to be organized.

Second, a keen eye for detail is a must.

Flexibility? That’s another important trait.

Last but not least, being able to communicate effectively seals the deal.

If you’re ticking these boxes, Molly’s got a hunch you’ve got what it takes to excel at this gig.

If you have taken a chance to make money through an online business channel and didn’t have much luck. Don’t worry, Molly has some solid manipulation tactics from Pace’s book. A lot of programs only teach you the basics without telling you the actual execution of business strategies. Folks think Pace’s $8,800 Subto course is the same. Scam alert!

Molly’s hopeful that anyone can be involved in the real estate industry and can make a decent income. That too from the comfort of your home.

But let’s keep it real: being a great transaction coordinator won’t make you super wealthy. So, hold off on those yacht dreams for now.

In reality, you can pull in enough to swap out your 9-to-5, perhaps even pocket a bit extra

Isn’t that every full-time employee’s dream? A flexible schedule with taking those Zoom meetings in PJs and no traffic issues. Simply pay bills and save some money for vacations.

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Here’s an inside fact. The transaction coordinator plays the technical role of a neutral third party making sure that the complete real estate transfer process is smooth. They handle customer queries, admin duties, and information so that there are no hiccups.

However, Molly in order to spice up the duties of a transaction coordinator, Molly adds a push-up bra, beautiful plum lipstick, and strappy high heels effect. She says these unsung heroes are like the secret power behind every real estate deal. Without a solid TC in the mix, Molly’s betting that about 75% of those deals would do a nosedive

TCs save the day by making sure all documents have the perfect format and important details so the deal can close without any last-minute surprises.

While real estate agents handle the deals, it’s the TCs who seal the deal.

Which is why there’s great job security in this, Molly points out.

And that’s the reason behind awesome job security in this, Molly emphasizes.

No matter what the size of a brokerage is, they will always be looking for good TC. You’re wondering why someone from the team wouldn’t just do the job? Well, if you have a car I’m sure you pay someone to change your oil. You just want to save time and keep your hands clean.

And don’t stress, Molly’s got your back with a full learning package:

  • Navigating the ropes with title companies
  • Wrapping your head around real estate docs and contracts
  • Keeping the whole real estate process on point, start to finish
  • And all the juicy stuff in between

Their program, CatalystX, is what they’re calling it (most likely Pace is in on it too). Price tag? $997.

But hold on, if you opt for the Quantum Leap level, you snag a certification, extra case studies, and some next-level training on acquisitions, scaling, and even setting up your own LLC, all for $2,497.

Pace Morby is not stopping here at all. Once you’re in, he’ll upsell his top-notch mastermind course. And wait for it, a virtual assistant company could be in the works too. Who knows he’ll bring his wife around to create a money-making course on OnlyFans. I mean, the guy has some guts for real.

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