Digital Tentmaking Reviews – Cory, Bobby, Rob (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

Cory Long is the mascot for a lead gen model he promotes as digital tentmaking. His target audience is the unsuspecting and honest Christian who wants to spend more time serving God, providing safety and security for their families, and ultimately pleasing God through imitating his love, wisdom, and independence. But what even is digital tentmaking all about? Can it really work for the average person? Any shady things you need to be aware of? I take a crack at all those. Keep reading for my digital storefronts review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

If anyone’s been in your shoes, it’s Cory Long. A little over 5 years ago he was looking for a way to make money online. He didn’t know which opportunity was the real one. It didn’t help that he was skeptical about the fast talking gurus either, what were they trying to fly through? Either way, he knew he needed a change. He and his wife had the goal of passive income stream so they could focus more on ministry (without having to rely on that check). His vision was clear, but the path wasn’t.

But what type of business could he try? He tried running an actual brick and mortar before he had kids and jumped into the ministry. But there wasn’t really a model that made sense to him. That was of course until he stumbled on digital tentmaking. And the cool thing is, he believes anyone can do it if they know how to follow directions and work hard.

Prior to starting digital tentmaking, the most Cory had ever made was 50k per year. Through this new business model he now has financial and time freedom without being tied down to one place either. He teaches this program alongside a dude named Bobby Stocks (odd name if legit). Bobby is one of those paid ads gurus that runs north of 250k per month in spend. He’s even earned the title of a two comma club winner inside clickfunnels. Rob Sekel stays out of the limelight, he does the marketing stuff behind the scene for digital tentmaking.

Digital Tentmaking Digital Storefronts

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

So how does it work? Cory and his team will give you a list of high ticket local businesses you can potentially partner up with. Then Cory will show you how to create digital storefronts (or tents…it’s just his marketing mechanism) to generate a bunch of high buyer intent leads. Even if you have no idea how to do anything web related. From there, he’ll teach you how to rank it to the top of page one on Google. This is where you’ll get the best high quality buyer leads.

Next up Bobby makes an appearance. He shows you how to supplement organic traffic with paid ads while your site ranks. Apparently his system shows you how to leads under just 10 bucks for any local business. After that, you’ll get a custom strategy that’ll help you earn yesses from business owners to buy your leads based off your personality. Finally they’ll explain equity deals/partnerships so you can confidently rake in dough from the digital tents you’re creating.

And that’s only the beginning. “We just keep adding to the program, keep adding new information,” Cory says. “As things change, we just keep updating it, making it better. So we’re gonna teach you so so so so much more.” You’ll only have a chance to join digital tentmaking if you fill out their application. Apparently they (Cory, Bobby, Rob) don’t actually want your money if they don’t think they can help you (do you actually buy that?). Apparently they don’t need your money because they practice what they teach (so if that’s the case why do they charge?). Even though there’s some questions to be answered regarding price, hats off to these guys for a solid sales pitch.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024


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