AIVA Method Review (Updated): Is Luke Darling Legit?

Seems like everyone and their Uncle is jumping on the Ai bandwagon these days and Luke Darling wants to show you what he’s been doing with it. You see, he’s been making about $40,000 per month using his “AIVA Trifecta”.

For the last 10 years, Luke has been chugging along building his 7 figure real estate business, but he’s been keeping quiet about this new service-based Ai venture, in fact, nobody’s really giving him any competition because it’s so new. 

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Luke has always been an innovator and that’s why when ChatGPT took everything by storm last year, he decided that he was going to jump in with both feet so that he didn’t become a “miss the boat” statistic. He had been seeing how this new technology had been helping people dramatically improve their businesses so he spent the next year going down the OpenAI rabbit holes figuring out every little way that it could help him.

Yeah, it took a little time and some late nights, but now Luke has been using Ai to streamline every aspect of his business from software and programming to online marketing and working with his VAs. 

Luke says it’s not all that difficult to get the ball rolling for your business either.  He has a service that can do it all for you and will only cost you $197/mo.  As long as you can find business owners worth their weight in salt, you can start making money hand over fist.

All you have to do is start racking up clients until you hit your income goals, which Luke has about 200 right now. The icing on the cake is that you don’t need to figure out every little thing about Ai to get started, and you don’t have to become some marketing genius. Luke’s got you covered with how you can start making money with your own AIVA agency. 

Being from Austin, Texas, Luke may never reach the kind of success that you’ll see with gurus like Grant Cardone, Russell Brunson or Frank Kern, but as far as he’s concerned, he’s happy and a lark making the kind of money that you see brain surgeons and hight-ticket defense lawyers make without all the long hours and mafia guys breathing down your neck.

Is Luke Darling Legit

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

No sir, he’d rather just hang out with his wife and kids at Church and family picnics. 

Luke says that if this is the type of life you’d like to live, then the AIVA Bootcamp could do it for you. So what do you get with this AIVA Bootcamp? Here’s just a brief rundown: 

  • Module 1 – Beginning AI: Luke takes you by the hand and shows you everything from the right tools to use and the best ways to use them.
  • Module 2 – Ai SaaS: This is where Luke shows you what’s under the hood of his AIVA Method and how he makes over $40k/mo. Pay very close attention to this module, it’ll be a game-changer for you. 
  • Module 3 – Scaling Up: Luke has always been a big fan of automation, which is why this module focuses on how he uses Ai to get him one new client every week, and a referral program that he developed to rack up another 10+ clients every 30 days with just a blink of an eye.
  • Module 4 – Support: Lastly, he shows you the simplest way to grow your client base and provide them support. 

Let’s not forget that Luke also has a community where you can network with other students, ask questions and get one-on-one mentoring via live coaching calls every week. 

You may even see other online digital marketers in his group, people like Robb Baily and Mark Imperial. 

Luke says that you should block out as much time as you can when first starting your project, but when you get everything running smoothly, you should be able to set it on auto-pilot with just a couple hours of input each day after that. 

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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