Adam Cherrington Affiliate Arbitrage Review (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

Adam Cherrington is an affiliate marketer legend and course creator who offers a mentorship program called The Cherrington Experience, also known as Adams Method, that teaches affiliate arbitrage. Many reviews actually state that his program is legit, just that you need a bunch of money before starting. Others say the program is a classic “bate and switch” with endless upsells.

In a YouTube ad floating around out there Adam Cherrington claims he made $453k in just sixty days days with affiliate commissions. He also claims his profit margin was about 40%. Simple math shows us that is basically $180,000. DAMN! He didn’t use Amazon, Shopify, or Facebook either. So why’s he runnin’ the ad? He wants to teach 50 aspiring super affiliates his exact method. Is this legit? or just way too good to be true? Let’s find out. Read on for my full Adam Cherrington review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

I had some free time so I said “what the hell” and decided to see what he was offering in this free workshop. He starts by going over a little bit of his personal history. He shows us how he managed $30M in paid ads over the last 3 years. He was able to get about a third of that back. And he did it as a super affiliate. That’s a pretty comfy spot too…no annoying customers, no tech stuff, having your own products, or dealing with ClickFunnels.

Adam also gets to work from home every day. Compared the other 99.9% of people he actually likes getting out of bed each morning and gets to spend all the time he wants with friends and family. Not to mention he takes vacations just about whenever he wants. After humble bragging a little bit, he goes ahead and logs into his affiliate marketer account over at the Affiliati Network and showed us that he is indeed the real deal. In just 3 years (2016-2019) he got $3M in revenue. I’m pretty impressed, and as soon as it sunk in, BAM he directs us over to Inbox2020 affiliate program. But that’s outdated and confusing as it is…

After that, he paints the big picture for us…Affiliate Arbitrage. Essentially he’ll pick a product and promote it. And let’s say it pays out $70 per sale. He’ll run paid ads. And let’s say it costs him $40 to generate that sale. Sweet, he’ll pocket the difference. Super simple. Personally, Adam targets the health market, basically weight loss and beauty. He’s proven to himself that they’re remarkably consistent, reliable and scalable industries.

Adam Cherrington Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

That’s all fine and dandy, but who are you actually able to sell to? Women in their 40s-60s. He’s done the research and has found that they’re the ones spending a lot of the money online these days. Ok, so what about traffic? How does he solve that problem? Email marketing. He’ll get millions of other people to blast out his offers for him. Compared to Facebook or YouTube, this method allows you to get away with quite a bit more and you won’t get banned for violating the new rule they created this morning.

His recommendation? start with a little sponsored email that’s cheap. Something where all you get is a shout out. Once you have a winner, go back to that person and ask for a fancier email where the pitch is your product. Adam continues and talks a bit about design. He outsources it all to the Philippines. He says they do a pretty good job and it costs him pennies on the dollar.

And just like that, the workshop is over. He’s pretty clear in his pitch. You should meet certain personality traits and have at least $10,000 if you want to be mentored by him. And he’s forthcoming too. He knows that 10k will be a deal breaker for a lotta people. But hey, if it’s not a deal breaker for you, I can’t really imagine a better person to learn from. He’s just so transparent and genuine. If it’s not a good fit for you though, maybe you’ll like more solution more instead.

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