Dream Car Academy Review (Updated): Are Oscar and Jesus Legit? 

Would you love to drive the car of your dreams one day.  Well, Oscar and Jesus, the dynamic duo behind “Drive Your Dream Car For Free,” have quite the rags-to-riches tale. They went from cruising around in a humble Kia to parading a fleet of flashy supercars. They swear up and down that with zero cash in your pocket, you too can join their high-flying club.

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Imagine rolling down the street in a Barbie G-Wagon, turning heads in a sleek Mazda Miata MX-5 RF, zipping around in a fiery habanero-colored 949 horsepower V12 Ferrari LaFerrari, or even playing it cool in a Shelby GT350 Mustang. They promise you’ll be in the driver’s seat faster than Dominic Toretto. But are these guys for real? Stick around for my Dream Car Academy review, where I’ll pull back the curtain on whether these guys are car connoisseurs or just blowing smoke.

The way it works is that Oscar and Jesus have this wild idea where you use your credit, while using other people’s money. You put these fancy cars on Turo and let them earn their keep. The things is that I’ve always been told listing luxury cars on Turo is a no-go. They’re like high-maintenance divas needing constant pampering and repairs. Plus, every mile you drive is like taking a dollar bill and lighting it on fire. Well, Jesus and Oscar seem to have a trick or two up their sleeves. For a few years now, Oscar and Jesus have been wheeling and dealing cars like McLarens and Aston Martins – and the kicker is they do it with no money out of their pocket. Now, these two high-rollers want to show you how they get it done.

Dream Car Academy is here to teach you some cool tricks:

  • Fixing up your credit score (because, let’s face it, we all need a little help there).
  • Finding the perfect flashy sports cars and dream cars
  • Chatting up dealerships to get what you want
  • Making sure you snag the best deal
  • Getting the absolute best price possible
  • How to know when to close the deal
  • Where to get approved for you loan
  • Paying off your loan by renting cars on Turo
  • Creating a business and making money

Now, you might thinking that there’s no way something like this can be legal, that you can do this with no money, or if you have less than stellar credit. But that’s when Jesus steps in and says, “I got this!”

Not only do these guys show you how to get behind the wheel of your dream ride, they have an ebook that you can also buy that teaches you how to fix your credit so you can either get these cars in your business name or your own name.

Whichever way you decide to got, just know that you’ll never need to come up with your own cash. If you still don’t buy it, Oscar says not to be, because he’s living proof that anyone can go from driving a broke-down Kia to owning darn near a fleet of his own cars.

Are Oscar and Jesus Legit

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These two have the roadmap with plenty of years experience under their belts. They’ve learned to hard way and know exactly what pitfalls to avoid, and if you follow their system, you can save yourselves all the hassles and headaches.

You can be part of their family and get their course today.  It’s kind of a primer with 20 modules, worksheets, exotic car hacking, and support for when you have questions.

All you need is $997 to get you on your way.  You might think that sounds like of lot of money, but it’s half of what it normally is because Oscar and Jesus want to get these in as many hands as possible so everyone can start driving in style.

At one of their first live mastermind, Oscar and Jesus got together with some of their new students talking about how it’s a lot more than just making money, it’s about making a connection with people and showing them how to break out of their daily ruts and helping each other grow… and drive exotic cars in the process.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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