Is Loan Broker Network Legit? (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

Philip F Smith and Kevin Harrington (yes the shark tank guy) have made a partnership that resulted in the Loan Broker Network. “If you were able to partner with a shark from Shark Tank, a four hundred million dollar brand, do you think that your chances of success would skyrocket?” Philip asks. “Probably. On top of that, the business lending industry is booming. Right now we are seeing total average commission, on our real estate backed deals, of roughly seven thousand dollars.” Scroll down for my Loan Broker Network review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Is this the real deal? Well Philip says Kevin Harrington wouldn’t risk his reputation by getting involved with a scammer. Good point, but let’s not forget that Kevin did recently get involved with FTX, so I wouldn’t totally trust his judgement anymore to be completely honest. Or was that the other Kevin from Shark Tank? Anyway their goal is to build the largest community of business loan brokers in the country. The loan broker business gives you the potential to land massive commissions on deals that are successfully funded. But you’ll also get commissions on declined deals as well (uh how?). Philip says this is a big deal because a majority of companies don’t qualify for funding anyway. Ok I’m lost. Why the hell would you promote an opportunity about landing massive funding deals and then say most get declined? And who’s gonna feel good about taking money anyway when a business can’t get funded?

Moving on from that, why get into lending besides money? Well you can work from anywhere and make as much or as little that you want. It’s pretty low competition since lots of businesses need loans, and you don’t need any licenses or stuff like that. You can just plug in the Loan Broker Network system and be good to go. You’ll also learn from a top shark along side Philip and his track record. Philip has generated over half a million business loan leads on his own. They do the heavy lifting and close deals for you (uh so what do you do to earn money then?).

You’re becoming a business loan broker in a billion dollar infrastructure. The Loan Broker Network has all the systems in place ready for you to piggyback off of. A guy named Jason made 24k on his first deal. Someone named Justin was able to quit his job and buy 4 new cars. Rob was able to buy a brand new home after almost being homeless just 2 years before. And there’s more success stories where that comes from.

Kevin Harrington Loan Broker Network

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

So what types of loans are you able to help out with? Literally anything apparently. Startup loans, lines of credit, SBA loans, purchase order financing, equipment financing, accounts receivable financing, business acquisition loans, credit card stacking, merchant cash advance’s, and more. Existing loan brokers themselves know the industry is booming and will only continue to skyrocket as the economy toughens up. You’re able to make money and feel good about it too since most of the mom and pop shops that you’ll be helping have already been denied by the big banks.

Other business lending programs can cost upwards of 25k to turn you into a successful business loan broker that launches your own loan brokerage business. Philip and Kevin, who’ve done countless business loans between them has Loan Broker Network cost a fraction of that. And again, they’ll do all the hard work and close deals for ya. You’ll get a free onboarding call, access to a private facebook support group, Philip will teach his Facebook ads strategies, and his secrets to getting qualified leads for FREE. With that, they believe you’ll get commissions in no time.

If you join within the hour of touching their funnel, you’ll only pay $997. It’s normally priced at $2,997. If moneys funny, you can break it up into 2 payments of $597. You’ll get their done for you loan broker service and the “partner with a shark” program. Is there money to be made here? Yeah. But don’t think you’re gonna see Kevin Harrington every week or month for that matter…he’s a busy man.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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