Digital Lead Investing Review – Growth Cave (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

Lucas Lee-Tyson, the “college dorm 250k” kid from Growth Cave and Productized Profits had this to ask in his latest ad on YouTube: “Wanna know where to invest a thousand dollars right now? Well forget about crypto, NFTs, real estate, or the stock market. Because those things have become so saturated and so risky. Instead, you should be looking into this one secret investment asset that’s allowed me to go from a broke college student to a multimillionaire.”

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Multi-millionaire before he turned 25, he even goes as far to say he never risked a single penny of his own…that just can’t be true…even if you get a business loan, that’s still money you’re responsible for. Anyway…the new investment asset that has the kid all hot and bothered is something he calls “digital lead investing”. He says it’s helped over 150 people become financially free in his latest coaching program. He claims they’re making 2, 5, even 10k or more per month. If you take what he says as the word of God, it’s entirely passive and recurring too. Hmmm my BS alarm is going off.

Lucas’s pitch continues, “It still blows my mind that people are looking into things like crypto, NFTs, real estate, and the stock market, when this one single Digital Lead Investing system exists. And yet, so few people are taking advantage of it despite it being a massive underground opportunity after all of the craziness that has happened with the pandemic and everything. That’s why I’m hosting a free live case study training; you can click somewhere around this video, register, and go attend right now.”

So to save y’all the hassle (no thanks needed) I attended his “webinar”. I used quotes because if we just look at what it actually is vs what he says it is, it’s ACTUALLY just one big pitch video. No case studies or anything. Sure, I watched it for free, that much is true, but the whole point of the video was to sell you his course. In his course you’ll learn his digital lead generation strategies and miracle “two step system” that’ll have you making 5k per month in no time. Step one has you find high paying small businesses and step two is setting up social media ads to send leads to them. Lucas is essentially taking an old car with 250,000 miles on it, giving it a paint job, and trying to sell it for top dollar. Smart for him, dumb for us.

Lucas Lee Tyson Digital Lead Investing

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

But hey, it got us to his page right? If he said “Wanna know how to run Facebook ads for local businesses?” you probably would’ve just skipped right along and gone back to watching “conspiracy theories” right? Exactly. So I personally can’t fault him for trying to put lipstick on that pig. But he sells it wayyy to hard. He says you can do it without spending a dime…but ads literally cost money. He says it’s passive, but you gotta cold call, sell, building funnels, etc. He also says the average result is 5k per month…I just don’t buy it.

As for the business model, the young whipper snapper ain’t wrong. Lots of businesses start every single day and lots of them are willing to pay for leads. Facebook and Google are a good place to get them too. But the hard part is keeping your lead cost down and convincing business owners to pay you $10 per lead when you’re paying $5.

If you CAN do that, then sure you might make some coin. But it’s not gonna be nearly as passive or easy as Lucas implies. You might try it and Facebook suspends your account indefinitely and your client is pissed. Or maybe you get a roofer to pay you $1000 flat per month but $800 goes to FB and $200 goes to Russel Brunson, leaving you with zilch. And hey, you can scale ads forever, but you can’t control margins. I get that it’s a tradeoff, but I just can’t trust someone who oversimplifies and overpromises so much in their marketing. What about you?

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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