Scaling School Review (Updated): Is Ravi Abuvala Legit?

He stands there looking like he knows a secret about your ex-girlfriend, and you can probably guess what it is… but not really.  In fact, he does have a secret, it’s just not what you think. 

The reason he looks so smug is that he’s cracked to the code on business growth by booking appointments with high-ticket clients without having to pay for an ad agency, with no cold calling, no cold emailing, and no hitting people up on social media. 

Now he wants to show you how he does it. 

In his 10 hour course, you’ll learn how you can have you calendar stacked with the high paying appointments in under a week. To learn more, keep reading my Scaling School review. 

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

You’re not just getting 10+ hours of training either – he gives you the exact scripts and templates he uses to make his business scaling pure cake. Not only that, but you’ll get private access to his super secret community where you’ll learn how to: 

  • Create mouth-watering offers
  • Book appointments in your sleep
  • Flip the switch an autopilot

You’ll get coaching calls when you hit roadblocks and free updates whenever he streamlines a new process. 

You might think people would sell their grandmother for this type of information (well, maybe their mother-in-law), but it’s nothing that crazy priced. 

One day Ravi sat down and thought that he could probably let this go for almost $10,000, because he says that some of his students can set themselves up to 10x that in just a few weeks. 

And it would be worth it since nobody else offers the same training with such high-level support.

But, you’re not gonna pay that. In fact, you won’t even pay a tenth of that.  You can get all that training for just $83/month. 

Yep, the same training that’s put hundreds of millions in his students bank accounts all for less than a few steak dinners with the family. 

Do you think Ravi is losing it? I mean, seriously $83/month? 

He says it’s his goal to help as many businesses scale as fast as possible, by the simplest means possible. 

You probably have ‘scaling school scam signs flashing in your head, right? Ravi gets it.  After all, he HAS sold this same program for a lot more money in the past, so he doesn’t blame you for thinking that. But what have you got to lose? If you think it’s all BS, it’s only going to cost you $83 for that first month, right? 

Even still, Ravi’s got your back. He’s offering you a 15-Day, Iron-clad, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee that will make the sleaziest of car salesmen blush with shame. Ravi doesn’t care though, because he’s on a mission. You’re not just getting the same information that’s turned paupers into princes and the moneyless into millionaires, but he’s going to walk you through it every step of the way. 

Is Ravi Abuvala Legit

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

And if you jump on board ASAP, you can be on his industry famous onboarding call in as little as 48 hours from now. 

Sometimes when I picture Ravi driving down the coastline, one hand on the wheel and the other around his girl, I just have to chuckle because this kid is smooth as silk. 

Want to know what else? 

He’s also got it in his mind to take you through his $10 Million per year business where he manages over 50 employees in multiple timezones using his proprietary software. He even wants to show you how he automates everything so he can step back giving him more free time to do the things he loves, like taking his girl on round-the-world vacations for 3 months at a time. 

In Ravi’s world, he talks about how he spends $500,000 per month at 27 years old, and I don’t doubt that. But he says it’s all on his business. I might be inclined to believe the lion’s share is on his business, but those flashy cars tell a different story. 

Now, that system, what Ravi calls Unlimited Clients, will only cost you about $2,000 per year after you join Scaling School, a bit of a leap from $83/month. 

Meh, baby steps!

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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